Cheap Low Calorie Diets For Weight Loss

The Low-calorie Diet (LCD) 
 A typical LCD may provide „ 1,000–1,200 calories/day for a woman „ 1,200–1,600 calories/day for a man
The number of calories may be adjusted based on your age, weight, and how active you are. An LCD usually consists of regular foods, but could also include meal replacements.

As a result, you may find this type of diet much easier to follow than a VLCD. In the long term, LCDs have been found to lead to the same amount of weight loss as VLCDs.

What is a VLCD?
A VLCD is a special diet that provides up to 800 calories per day. VLCDs use commercial formulas,
usually liquid shakes, soups, or bars, which replace all your regular meals. These formulas are not the
same as the meal replacements you can find at grocery stores or pharmacies, which are meant to
replace one or two meals a day.

Depending on a number of factors, healthy adults need different amounts of calories to meet their
daily energy needs. A standard amount is about 2,000 calories. VLCDs provide far fewer calories
than most people need to maintain a healthy weight. This type of diet is used to promote quick
weight loss, often as a way to jump-start an obesity treatment program.

VLCD formulas are designed to provide all of the nutrients you need while helping you lose weight
quickly. However, this type of diet should only be used for a short time—usually about 12 weeks.

Since VLCD needs clinical supervision given the risks, you are strongly advised not to go on a VLCD on your own. If you need to lose weight, and considering an affordable, VLCD program for weight loss, you may want to consider W8MD.
Cost of W8MD VLCD Meal Replacement Program
Costing as little as $2.15 per meal replaced, with our delicious and affordable meal replacement products, you can not only lose weight but potentially save on grocery bills as even the grocery ingredients cost a bit more according to the research from our manufacturer.
Choose between 4 or 5 partial meal replacements along with 1-2 of your own meals with printed detailed instructions on 800 calorie VLCD diet so you can lose weight safely and effectively.
It is believed that the average cost of grocery ingredients can be up to $2.50 not counting the time it takes to prepare the meals. On the other hand, W8MD’s VLCD meal replacement plans can help you lose weight at the same time as saving up to 15 percent on your grocery bills depending on how much you spend on groceries.

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