What is causing your belly fat?

What is causing your weight gain especially around the tummy and what can you do about it?
If you are gaining weight especially around your tummy, you may have a metabolic reason for your weight gain such as insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. Affecting one in three Americans that causes weight gain in and around the belly, insulin resistance is common.

Why belly fat is unhealthy fat?
Unlike the subcutaneous fat which is protective, studies have shown that belly fat produces cytokines and other inflammation causing chemicals leading to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other conditions. In fact, waist circumference of over 40 inches in men and 36 inches in women(lower in Asian Populations), is one of the five criteria for metabolic syndrome.

What is insulin resistance?
Insulin resistance is a condition during which the body’s cells don't use hormone called insulin properly. this hormone helps cells use glucose for energy.

• Insulin resistance increases the danger of developing prediabetes, can lead to other problems such as stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

• Prediabetes or metabolic syndrome is a condition  wherein glucose levels are over normal but not high enough for a designation of polygenic disease.

• Causes of insulin hormone resistance and prediabetes are many and include the current high glycemic diet that triggers production of high levels of insulin, genetic factors, excess weight, and lack of physical activity.

What is Metabolic Syndrome?
Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of any 3 of the subsequent conditions:

waist size of forty inches plus for men and thirty five inches plus for ladies
  • triglyceride levels of one hundred fifty milligrams per metric capacity unit (mg/dL) or more, or taking medication for elevated lipid levels
  • HDL, or “good,” sterol level below forty mg/dL for men and below fifty mg/dL for ladies, or taking medication for low high-density lipoprotein levels
  • blood pressure levels of 130/85 or higher, or taking medication for elevated BP
  • fasting blood sugar levels of one hundred mg/dL plus, or taking medication for elevated blood sugar
  • levels

What can be done to reduce risk of insulin resistance or future diabetes risk?

• Being physically active, creating wise food decisions, especially low glycemic, protein based diets, and reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can help forestall or reverse hormone resistance and prediabetes.


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